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Absorbent Pads and Socks

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Oil Only Absorbents; Universal & MRO Absorbents; Chemical & HazMat Absorbents; Bonded & Laminated Absorbents; Military Pads, Rolls; Biodegradable, Granular Absorbents; Most absorbent types available in pads, rolls, socks, booms, pillows, mats and a wide variety of specialized spill kits. Universal MRO Absorbent Mats, Universal Mat..
Products: Spill cleanup absorbent socks; absorbents; absorbents: chemical; absorbents: grease & oil; absorbents: grease, oil & chemical; absorbers: liquid spill

2015 IATA, ICAO, 49 CFR and IMDG require absorbents:
  • Inner packaging's containing liquids must be completely surrounded with a sufficient quantity of absorbent products to absorb the entire liquid contents of the inner packaging's.
  • The outer packaging is intended to contain inner packaging's of liquids and is not leak proof; a means of containing any liquid contents in the event of leakage must be provided in the form of the absorbent material being placed inside the means of a leak proof liner or plastic bag.
  • ICC The Compliance Center offers many options for hazardous material absorbents and cushioning for UN specification packaging such as packing peanuts, absorbent pillows, vermiculite, absorbent pouches, absorbent pads, no dust absorbent pouches, and many more.

Hazmat Absorbents
When hazardous or unknown liquids spill, use hazmat absorbents for quick, effective response.
Hazmat absorbents are yellow for quick identification in an emergency .A variety of hazmat absorbents are available:
  • Pads and Rolls – Made of 100% polypropylene and absorbs most aggressive or caustic fluids
  • Socks – Prevent liquids from spreading to larger areas
  • Booms – Contain and absorb large volume spills
  • Pillows – Toss directly on the spill, the large surface area and filler depth allow for quick and efficient containment
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Oil-Only and Universal Absorbents
When a general purpose absorbent is needed, use these Sonic Bonded pads to quickly soak up liquids.
Use gray universal for oils, coolants, solvents and water-based spills or choose white for oils only.

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Pillows and Pouches
Use these absorbent pillows and pouches within packaging when transporting materials.
Absorbent pillows are handmade .Large orders may require additional production time. Absorption varies per type of liquid. These pillows have a polyethylene cover and are polyester stitched.

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Spill Kits
Quickly and efficiently clean up spills from oils, solvents, waste and other hazardous materials.
Having the right absorbents available when spills occur is essential. These complete spill kits ensure your employees stay safe, and you stay in compliance with applicable regulations.

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Vermiculite and K-Sorb

Mandatory for many air shipments of glass bottles and UPS package requirements. Grade 4 vermiculite is available in 4 cubic-foot bags. Used as an absorbent when the potential for leakage exists. IATA, UPS and Fed Ex require absorbent material for all hazardous liquids in glass bottles. For estimating purposes,one bag should be used to absorb 3-4 gallons of liquid. Absorption ratio may vary for different liquids .Vermiculite is an excellent and economical solution to cushion your hazardous liquid containers and absorbs shock that occurs during transport.

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K-SORB is a highly absorbent cellulose product used to absorb and control liquid spills in industrial settings. It is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is non-selective (universal) in what it absorbs. It is a non-carcinogenic, low-dust alternative to clay and vermiculite .Please note: K-SORB may react with some class 8 (corrosive) and class 5.1 (oxidizer) materials. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the compatibility of this product.

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